Harness the power of Procys within your environment or software

Custom support

We will fine-tune our engine according to your needs and provide all the support needed to start the project and maintain performance. .

Risk-free API

Accessible and flexible Restful API will allow you to start processing invoices fast. We offer 1-month free of charge use of the engine for proof of concept

Self-learning engine

Reduce mistakes and data errors. Our API allows you to upload your invoice data to train the ML engine and improve accuracy.

Key benefits your clients will get

No setup costs

If the client is not satisfied within a month, we won’t charge any costs. Start processing invoices with no Risk.

Plug & play

No endless implementation processes to get through. Our system does not use templates like many other solutions; it uses AI to learn from the invoice data received.

Save time & money​

Our engine will process any invoice up to 6X faster than manual processing. Invoice data is extracted automatically in under 30 seconds. Empowering your clients to dedicate time to more valuable tasks.

Enterprise-grade data protection

Using suppliers that adhere to the highest security, auditability, and compliance standards, we ensure that your data is protected.

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