With Procys, you can extract your invoices in four different ways, making the management of your financial documents easier than ever:

  1. Forward your invoices through your email

With the growing adoption of cloud services in businesses, it’s essential to be able to integrate your invoices with your favorite cloud services. Procys allows you to drag and drop your invoices from your preferred cloud storage platform, whether it’s OneDrive, Dropbox, or others. The magic of Procys is set in motion, automatically importing your invoices without the need for manual intervention. This saves you time and prevents data entry errors.

  1. From a folder in your favorite cloud storage

Email is a common channel through which businesses receive invoices. With Procys, you can create an automatic rule in your email to forward the invoices you receive directly to the platform. Procys takes care of importing these invoices without any additional manual work. This is especially useful for businesses that receive invoices from multiple providers via email.

  1. Upload it directly from Procys platform

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can upload your invoices directly through the Procys web platform. Simply drag and drop your files from your device to the Procys interface. The process is quick and straightforward, and Procys handles the rest, extracting the necessary data from your invoices.

  1. Integrate with our API

For those who require greater automation and control, Procys offers an API that allows you to programmatically upload your files for processing. This means you can integrate Procys into your own systems and workflows. With a simple API call, your files are uploaded into the Procys system without the need to create complex methods.

With Procys, the extraction of invoice data takes less than 15 seconds, six times faster than doing it manually. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors. Procys’ efficiency and accuracy in invoice management make it a valuable tool for any business looking to simplify its financial processes and focus on what truly matters: business growth and success. Don’t wait; start for free today and enhance your business’s efficiency!

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