In this article, we will explore the importance of automatic processing of purchase orders, receipts and invoices in the maritime transport sector and how the Procys solution can improve operational efficiency in these companies.

In shipping companies, the manual process can take a long time, which can delay decision-making, lead to inefficiencies and negatively affect the company’s overall productivity. This is where the automatic processing of purchase orders, receipts and invoices with the help of Procys can make all the difference. We are a solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows the automation of the capture, extraction and management of data from administrative documents.

Procys is a startup that quickly digitizes and processes purchase orders, receipts and invoices, significantly improving operational efficiency and productivity in shipping companies. With our AI-powered OCR technology and automatic self-learning engine, Procys can extract key data from documents, such as prices, dates, and product details.

This precision in data extraction drastically reduces human error and speeds up the document review and verification process. Shipping companies can trust the accuracy of the data extracted by Procys, allowing them to make informed decisions and generate accurate financial reports.

The organization and efficient storage of administrative documents are essential for shipping companies. Procys allows you to digitize centrally and store documents, Procys guarantees that all information is available and accessible at any time.

In addition, Procys secure storage guarantees the protection of documents. We have obtained the ISO 27001 certification, which means that our company has demonstrated a high level of security in information management. In this post, we would like to share the advantages this certification presents to our clients in our company.

Automatic processing of purchase orders, receipts and invoices with the help of Procys offers a number of significant benefits for shipping companies. From improving accuracy and efficiency to efficient document storage and organization, Procys has become a comprehensive solution for administrative document management, enabling shipping companies to save time and resources, improve decision-making, strengthen collaboration, and ensure regulatory compliance. With Procys, companies can focus on their core business of providing quality shipping services, while relying on a reliable automated document management solution. Start the change today and trust the power of artificial intelligence.

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