Invoice Assistant

With our 100% self-learning invoice recognition technology, manually processing invoices is a thing of the past. You send us your invoices (PDF, image format). We read out structured data and send it back to you within seconds. 

  • Our 100% self-learning technology learns from every invoice
  • Manual data entry and templates are eliminated
  • A RESTful API that sends back data in a fraction of time
  • Less data errors mean better, faster processing altogether

Onboard in no-time

Our process is easy and designed to get you up and running in no-time. Along the way, our client team is at the ready for any questions or help.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Reach out and our team will contact you to discuss your exact needs.

Integrate our API

Integrate our API

Integration is done in under 2 hours, with our API providing just 3 calls. While you integrate, our invoice engine will be trained using your sample data.

Get results

Get results

After your final tests, send in live data and you're all set. You're ready to start saving time!

Microsoft Business Central, powered by Procys

In case you are using Microsoft Business Central, you can kick off with Procys invoice processing right away, straight from your ERP. No need for integrations – you start saving time and money immediately.

Start saving time on your invoice processing

Reach out and our sales team will get back to you.

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