Invoice data extraction

Upload your files in pdf, scan, or image from your favorite cloud storage platform, email, web interface, or API. Extract documents in any format and channel. With Procys your invoices are extracted 6 times faster than manually, it takes less than 30 seconds.


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Forward your invoices through your email

You can create an automatic rule in your email to forward the invoices that you receive by email to Procys and we will import them without manual work.

Upload it directly from Procys platform

Upload your invoices directly through our web interface, using our drag & drop experience.

From a folder in your favorite cloud storage

Drag all the invoices to be processed to your cloud folder (One Drive, Dropbox...) and Procys will do the magic of importing them automatically.

Integrate with our API

With a simple API call, you can upload your invoices to be processed, and Procys takes care of the rest, without the need to create complex methods.

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Manage your business resources through Dynamics 365 BC.

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Maintain multiple financial accounts, add accounts and users.

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Optimized daily monitoring of your company’s accounting.

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Share web applications and automate workflows.

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Manage SMEs through

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