Smart invoice automation to your Business central clients Let's grow together!


No setup costs, easy upsell

We will work with your client to get the setup for their use case. If the client is not satisfied within a month, we won’t charge any costs. This is helping our partners to increase the pitch rate of success of our partners. 

Easy onboarding &  Implementation

We’re fully integrated with Business central. Our models learn immediately from the first sample set of invoices. Other parties use templates that require lengthy training and implementation. 


 Recurring revenue & Transparent pricing 

Your clients pay based on their usage, nothing more. Next to that, our partners ensures a recurring kickback…

Enterprise-grade invoice processing for your clients

A self-learning engine hooked up to Business Central

Our invoice processing engine can learn from its mistakes and ensures that any error will not occur the next time you send in comparable invoices.

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Free, hassle-free implementation

No endless implementation processes to get through. The system does not use templates. We kick off, the customer gives us direct feedback after which we’re up and running – plug & play.

Your customer win time

Our engine will process any invoice up to 6X faster than any person can, with results given back to the customer in under 30 seconds per invoice. It empowers finance teams to focus on more important things.

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Enterprise-grade data protection



We are based in The Netherlands in the European Union and comply with all relevant data protection legislation and privacy regulations.


Hosted in the European Union

We partner with both Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure for our Cloud Computing needs and data storage. By using suppliers that adhere to the highest standards in security, auditability and compliance we ensure that your data is protected.


Securely encrypted connections

We use HTTPS for all connections between our dashboards, applications and backend servers.

Four-step, easy process to get started


1. Client sends in dataset

Your client sends in one month’s worth of invoices as a sample size of what we can expect in terms of processing. We can deliver both invoice headers as well as invoice lines if desired.


2. Document health-check

We will supply feedback on the documents delivered, estimating what is and isn’t possible in terms of full automation. If we spot any kinks in the road, our devs will work out solutions to the issues at hand.


3. Enable Procys in Business Central

We supply your client with the credentials necessary to enable the OCR-based invoice processing in Microsoft Business Central. Enabling is done in minutes.

4.  Client starts processing

Immediately your client can start processing through Business Central. Any feedback that is sent back through the system gets incorporated into our models overnight.

Want to know more?

Partnering with Procys will help you land projects with clients by ensuring a smooth, fast setup for their invoice processing needs.

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