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Get started with OCR using Procys AI-powered Application Programming Interface with two simple API calls, without the need for complex or lengthy development.


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Document extraction and processing in 3 steps



Upload your files in pdf, scan, or image from your favorite cloud storage platform, email, web interface, or API.



We interpret and label each fragment of the document in the correct fields automatically.



Export the processed data in a structured way in the format you need UBL, CSV, or API.

Standard OCR vs Procys OCR

  •   Productivity
  •   Effectiveness
  •   Account Payable Flow
  •   Seguridad

Manual Processing
  • Waste of time in arduous and repetitive processes
  • Possible human errors
  • Pérdida de dinero en las cuentas por pagar
  • Unlikely to control all bills

Standard OCR
  • Slow implementation and not scalable. Every invoice needs a template.
  • Possible data errors. Does not learn from the extracted data.
  • Difficult to manage and update.
  • Invoice extraction and processing is not stored in the same place

Procys OCR
  • With the power of AI, invoices are processed 6 times faster than manually.
  • Self-learning engine gets smarter and more efficient with every bill processed.
  • Invoices are processed automatically.
  • All invoices stored in one place. Following the strictest safety standards.

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