Extraction of passport data

Procys presents an innovative solution that helps improve the performance of business processes. Our platform offers the extraction and processing of passports from 190 countries and more than 100 languages.


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With Procys you can:

Get data from 190 countries and more than 100 languages ​​quickly and easily. Thanks to Prpys you will streamline and simplify your business travel processes.

Save time and improve efficiency. our platform is easy to use, you won't have to change your current workflow to get the desired results.

Greater communication in the business, optimizing manual processes. With advanced artificial intelligence technology, it saves time and improves efficiency

Get complete visibility of your business processes for better management and control. Exceptional support to ensure you can get the most out of and achieve your business goals.


Data extraction

· Name
· Surname

Birth data such as:

· Date of birth (ISO format)
· Gender
· Place of birth

The Passport number will be displayed as it is.

Data is collected from both:

· Date of issue
· Date of Expiry

It will also collect the Country code in ISO format

The MRZ codes are part of the passport information in 2 lines that we divide by:


Birth data

Available in more than 190 countries
and 100 languages

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