Sered is a leading company specialised in web hosting services, domain registration, dedicated servers, and VPS with more than 12 years of experience providing internet services.

With over 130,000 websites hosted, Sered is well known for its quality services, high-security standards, and personalised support. Always meeting the needs of its customers to guarantee success in their internet projects.

Due to its success and growth, Sered’s finance team faced a new ‘’enemy’’ that threatened to end the high productivity levels of the company… Invoices!

Handling hundreds of invoices manually with different formats from hundreds of suppliers (from data center to electricity companies) became a burden for the team. That’s why in 2020, they decided to look for the best possible solution in the market to improve their performance.

‘’We needed an immediate and affordable solution, that is why we decided to try the Procys App. The result was a total success; in a couple of days, Procys was implemented, and since then, it has helped us streamline the entire invoicing process.’’


The challenge

Sered’s finance team used to process all its invoices manually, but due to the company’s growth (higher invoicing), this process was no longer efficient enough.

‘’The team was spending too much time just dealing with invoices. If we didn’t find a solution as soon as possible, we were going to start having payment delays’’.

in the absence of necessary resources, time was scarce, the team was always in a hurry, making the process more error-prone and triggering other internal problems, such as lack of order and control

‘’Because of the short time we had, we only focused on our clients and paying on time. We needed a structured process for payment approvals and better management of the invoices that we were receiving from different channels’’.

NATALIA B. – sered

Sered wanted a solution that would allow them to continue scaling the company, one which could solve the invoicing problem and not require a significant investment of time and money.


Sered decided to use the Procys app, an option that perfectly matched their specific requirements. Thanks to the machine learning technology, the Procys app allows Sered to extract the invoice’s data (headers and lines) automatically in seconds.

The implementation of Procys took two days and one 2-hr onboarding session to learn how to use the tool. In order to start processing with high accuracy, Sered sent a few sample invoices to train the model of procys.


Sered’s finance team gained back their productivity standards, saving time and effort by processing invoices in seconds.

Sered improved their invoice management, having everything digitized, organized, and archived in one place.

The status approval view and insights of the Procys app dashboard allow Sered to have a clear picture of the entire invoice process.

‘’Procys is quite easy to use, we complete tasks in seconds than before took several minutes. All our invoices are stored and ready for payment with just a few clicks. I think Procys is a must-have for any business that wants to improve their invoicing process.”

Julio B. – SERED

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