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Streamline document and payment management, speeding up your workflows and ensuring no important detail is lost. Take your travel agency to the next level with our innovative solutions. Say goodbye to slow and tedious manual processes and welcome efficiency and automation.

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Why Choose Procys for Your Travel Agencies?

Procys enables the automation of approval and tracking workflows, streamlining processes such as itinerary approval and reservation confirmation. Avoid delays and enhance the customer experience.

Data protection is paramount in the travel industry. With Procys, your documents are safeguarded through robust encryption measures and restricted access. Comply with privacy regulations and instill confidence in your clients.

Free yourself from the mundane task of manual data entry. Empowered by artificial intelligence, Procys utilizes advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automate document data extraction. From itineraries to contracts, every detail is captured with precision and speed.

By eliminating manual work and streamlining processes, Procys enables you to save valuable time and resources. Dedicate more time to providing personalized advice and crafting unforgettable experiences for your clients.

Procys simplifies reservation and confirmation management, streamlining the process and ensuring effective communication with suppliers and clients in your travel agency.


Documents processing in 3 steps



Upload your files in pdf, scan, or image from your favorite cloud storage platform, email, web interface, or API.



We interpret and label each fragment of the document in the correct fields automatically.



Export the processed data in a structured way in the format you need UBL, CSV, or API.

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