AI-AutoSplit by Procys

AI-AutoSplit by Procys We are thrilled to introduce AI-AutoSplit, an innovative feature designed to revolutionize how you handle PDF documents.

FREE OCR: Data Extraction with Procys

FREE OCR: Data Extraction with Procys What is OCR and Why is it Important? OCR is the technology that converts

Efficient Data Extraction from PDF to Excel

Efficient Data Extraction from PDF to Excel The ability to convert information contained in PDF documents into actionable data in

Extraction of Data from Images to Excel

Extraction of Data from Images to Excel Currently, the ability to convert visual data, such as that found in images,

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In this article, we will explore how the advanced document and financial management platform, Procys, offers innovative solutions beyond simple

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The shift from manual and paper-based processes to digital solutions has redefined operational efficiency and service quality in this pivotal

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It's a reality that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) powered e-invoicing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are revolutionizing how hotel chains

Tokens in Procys. Optimizing Document Data Extraction

What Are Tokens in Procys? In the context of Procys, tokens are individual units of information extracted from documents. These

Invoice Data Extraction: 4 Ways to Process with Procys

With Procys, you can extract your invoices in four different ways, making the management of your financial documents easier than

Resolving Challenges in Digital Marketing Companies

Marketing companies face a constant flow of information and confidential data from their clients. The management and security of this