Construction companies play an important role in our lives, providing us in this highly advanced society with the documentation that we demand. In construction companies, implementing the use of artificial intelligence would make the workflow more efficient and faster.

In the construction market, it is very important to have a manager who is in charge of tool suppliers and merchandise suppliers, managing the records of work accidents or occupational safety, as well as managing any other documents. By having artificial intelligence programs like Procys, you will save a lot of money by not hiring any external manager.

Procys will give you solvency when carrying out any type of documentation. Thanks to Procys, you will not have to be aware of invoices, payroll, or purchase orders from the distributor, among many other things.

Can Procys make any kind of documents?

Yes, you can carry out various documents, including the management of suppliers, work permit, analyze the registration in the register of accredited companies, manage civil liability insurance, certificates issued by the treasury, analyze emergency plans, controls and protection measures, among many others, managing and improving productivity, saving time and money.

Is Procys safe?

Procys has the ISO 27001 certification, which is a guarantee that we have implemented an information security management system that complies with international standards. This means that we have implemented security measures to protect the information we manage, whether it is our own information or that of our clients.

In the management of document processing, your company will be much more precise when artificial intelligence does it for you, avoiding errors and saving a lot of time for each process, as well as being safe thanks to our security protocol.

In addition to this, you can automate processes and improve customer relations by sending, for example, personalized emails in order to keep them informed in real time of the evolution of their home, increasing their security.

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