Tired of wasting time manually copying data from PDF documents to Excel spreadsheets? Look no further! Here’s your solution for efficiently and accurately converting PDF documents to Excel.
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Data Extraction in 3 Steps


1. Upload Your PDF Documents

Upload your PDF files to Procys. You can upload multiple documents at once.

2. Swift Processing

Our advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology springs into action to extract key data from your PDFs in seconds.

3. Excel Results

Get Excel spreadsheets ready for use with the data extracted from your PDF documents. Forget about manual data entry and errors.
Our features

Benefits of Using Procys

Time Savings

This process is significantly streamlined. In a matter of seconds, our advanced OCR technology extracts key data from your PDF documents and converts them into Excel spreadsheets, eliminating the need for manual work.

Increased Efficiency

Our OCR technology is designed to identify and extract data accurately and consistently. Data is transferred to Excel spreadsheets without errors or discrepancies.

Simple, Easy, and Fast

Uploading your PDF documents, processing them, and obtaining Excel results is a straightforward and direct process. This ensures that anyone, from financial professionals to business owners, can benefit from Procys without complications or lengthy learning curves.


We implement advanced security measures to protect your data and documents. Our platform ensures the privacy and integrity of your information. With the ISO 27001 certificate, you can trust that your financial documents and business data are in good hands.

Data security is our top priority

We prioritize safeguarding your data, ensuring a secure environment for all your information needs.


Optimize you workflow

With Procys, get the most out of it by connecting with over 40 available integrations.

Don’t just take our word for it

Customer testimonials showcase our commitment to excellence and satisfaction.
"Perfect solution". Ease of use and to setup, I become more efficient and made me able to handle more customers.
Leonel R.
Accounting, Self-employed
"Great help". Because this product is of good quality and the price is not expensive.
Alisse D.
"Great service for such an innovative company"
Marcin P.
Marketing Manager
"Procys Review". Function-wise, procys delivers requirements as set-up. Customer support is superb.
Dianne L.
Process Analyst
"Excellent service". Since I start to use it, I noticed huge improvements in just a short period of time!
Francesco L.
"I appreciated Procys' user-friendly interface and the efficiency of its features and enhancing productivity."
Irosha R.
Associate software engineer