Introducing AI-Powered PDF Document Page Separation, an innovative feature revolutionizing PDF document management. Seamlessly split multi-invoice PDFs with intelligent cuts, ensuring accurate accounting. Join the beta phase and contribute to its enhancement.
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Different Ways to Document

We offer you all the import options, from uploading to our server, drag and drop or through the API.

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What is AI-Auto Split?

Procys seamlessly identifies the start and end of each document, loading them as independent files to ensure accurate accounting:

- Custom Range Splitting:
If you choose "Check and split," you can select splitting modes and use custom ranges to extract one or several pages at once. This provides flexibility to extract specific content.
- Beta Version of AI Splitting:
Procys has created a beta version of AI splitting. This groundbreaking feature uses artificial intelligence to analyze the document and suggest the best way to split it efficiently and accurately.
- Fixed Range Splitting:
Opt for fixed range splitting if you prefer a more structured page separation. This option is ideal for documents with a specific format.


Why Choose Procys?

Streamlines data extraction, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and rapid document processing for businesses.

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Adaptive technology evolves to optimize data extraction over time.

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AI-powered OCR ensures precise data extraction, reducing errors.

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ISO 27001 certification, guaranteeing that your sensitive information is protected.

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Cost Savings

By automating processes, minimizing errors, and improving efficiency.

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Procys offers flexibility and customization to meet specific business needs.

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Optimize your workflow with over 40 available integrations.


Optimize you workflow

With Procys, get the most out of it by connecting with over 40 available integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered here:

How does the subscription model work?

- FREE (0€): You can process up to 20 documents per month and it does not allow you to purchase extra invoices, you will have to upgrade to the next plan.

- STARTER (9,99€): You can process up to 50 documents per month, €3.5 for 10 extra documents.

- BUSINESS (29,99€): You can process up to 200 documents per month, 7,5€ for 25 extra documents.

- ENTERPRISE (quote based) and the number of documents to process is under agreement / need of the client.

Once the "FREE" plan is consumed, will I be charged later?

The "Free" plan is 100% free and has no usage limit in terms of time/duration.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the Procys Dashboard since the billing cycle is monthly.

What documents can Procys process?

Procys can process various types of business documents. The platform is designed to be versatile and can address a variety of documents: invoices, receipts, reports and other documents relevant to business management. This flexibility allows users to work with different file types and optimize information management in their workflow.

How does Procys guarantee data security?

Procys' ISO 27001 certification reinforces our commitment to data security through a robust management system. This certification ensures the protection of own and client information, complying with international standards and offering reliable services globally. It not only improves operational efficiency by reducing risks, but also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to information security in today's digital environment.

At Procys, we maintain high standards to protect and secure data, providing continued trust to our users.

How quickly can Procys extract information from documents?

Procys' advanced OCR technology enables the extraction of data from documents in less than 30 seconds, ensuring efficiency and speed.

Don’t just take our word for it

Customer testimonials showcase our commitment to excellence and satisfaction.
"Perfect solution". Ease of use and to setup, I become more efficient and made me able to handle more customers.
Leonel R.
Accounting, Self-employed
"Great help". Because this product is of good quality and the price is not expensive.
Alisse D.
"Great service for such an innovative company"
Marcin P.
Marketing Manager
"Procys Review". Function-wise, procys delivers requirements as set-up. Customer support is superb.
Dianne L.
Process Analyst
"Excellent service". Since I start to use it, I noticed huge improvements in just a short period of time!
Francesco L.
"I appreciated Procys' user-friendly interface and the efficiency of its features and enhancing productivity."
Irosha R.
Associate software engineer