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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered here:
How is the price per document?
The price per document is calculated considering that each document includes a header and will be extracted with a maximum of 15 pages. This ensures a consistent structure for billing.
What happens if my document contains multiple pages?
In the case of documents with multiple pages, if they have the AI Auto-Split option, they will be automatically divided for efficient processing. This functionality ensures that each page is properly handled, maintaining accuracy and consistency in data analysis.
Are integrations free?
The availability of integrations for free varies depending on the specific type. Some may be free, while others may incur an additional cost. Details regarding this will be provided clearly within the user interface. Any additional cost will be separate from the subscription and/or document processing.
What is Data Annotation?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) possesses significant capabilities, although it requires initial examples to perfect its tasks. Image labeling or annotation involves marking various elements within an image and categorizing them, enabling AI to enhance its understanding. On the Procys platform, this process is facilitated through a user-friendly interface. Users simply encircle the desired item with a box—similar to selecting multiple folders on a computer using a mouse—and then identify the item's type from a dropdown menu.
How does Procys guarantee data security?
Procys' ISO 27001 certification reinforces our commitment to data security through a robust management system. This certification ensures the protection of own and client information, complying with international standards and offering reliable services globally. At Procys, we maintain high standards to protect and secure data, providing continued trust to our users.

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