Microsoft Business Central

A business solution that helps companies plan their business resources.

Connect your Microsoft Business Central account
with Procys follow 3 easy steps.

Connect Microsoft Business Central with Procys

From your Procys account access the "Apps" screen

Procys will send the documents to the Microsoft Business Central integration

Procys' optimized software will take care of sending documents such as invoices, receipts or passports.

Procys will automatically synchronize the processed documents in a structured way

The data will appear in the Procys software and it will allow you to export it in API, download it in some structured format like XML, UBL, CSV or connect it to other applications.


Integration with Procys allows a company's financial data to be automatically transferred to Microsoft Business Central, which can help improve financial planning and management. This means that companies can make informed decisions and improve workflow efficiencies.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP that centralizes the management of your company, in all aspects. Procys is integrated with the native "OCR" function that allows you to process all invoices automatically in your Business Central environment: from receiving these invoices by email or through a OneDrive folder and importing them with all the extracted values without the need to import manual.


Procys has obtained ISO 27001 certification and complies with GDPR. We are committed to the security and integrity of data, guaranteeing our clients that their data is protected and secure at all times.