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Connect your account with Procys
following 3 easy steps.

Connect with Procys

From your Procys account access the "Apps" screen

Procys will send the documents to the integration

Procys' optimized software will take care of sending documents such as invoices, receipts or passports.

Procys will automatically synchronize the processed documents in a structured way

The data will appear in the Procys software and it will allow you to export it in API, download it in some structured format like XML, UBL, CSV or connect it to other applications.


It is a very complete and intuitive platform through which you can manage projects, Manage Customer Relations, send invoices, create designs, centralize your work or even develop software.

Thanks to Procys, the platform focuses on helping with the management of invoices, documents, projects, and in a very intuitive way, you will be able to do them in record time.


Thanks to and Procys, you can manage invoices in a very intuitive and fast way, and you can even manage any workflow according to your needs, increasing efficiency and productivity. Improve your business impact and the way you work.


Procys has obtained ISO 27001 certification and complies with GDPR. We are committed to the security and integrity of data, guaranteeing our clients that their data is protected and secure at all times.