Sage Intacct

Accounting and financial management solution that allows companies

Keep track of your accounting on a daily basis.

Connect your Sage Intacct account with Procys
following 3 easy steps.

Connect Sage Intacct with Procys

From your Procys account access the "Apps" screen

Procys will send the documents to the Sage Intacct integration

Procys' optimized software will take care of sending documents such as invoices, receipts or passports.

Procys will automatically synchronize the processed documents in a structured way

The data will appear in the Procys software and it will allow you to export it in API, download it in some structured format like XML, UBL, CSV or connect it to other applications.


Quickbooks is one of the most used accounting software in the world, which facilitates a unified monitoring of the finances of any company, of different sizes. It is cloud-based and offers everything to reconcile the management of your business.


With the Procys integration, a company's financial data can be automatically transferred to Quickbooks, which can help improve the company's financial management. This means that companies can keep track of their accounting on a daily basis and make informed decisions in real time.

The Quickbooks integration with Procys allows purchase invoices to be created automatically after being automatically scanned, analyzed and extracted by Procys.


Procys has obtained ISO 27001 certification and complies with GDPR. We are committed to the security and integrity of data, guaranteeing our clients that their data is protected and secure at all times.