Self-learning engine

Self-learning engine

Our invoice processing engine learns from every invoice and ensures that no errors occur the next time you provide similar data.

With Procys, everything is easier and safer.

Our invoice processing engine learns from your mistakes and ensures that no errors occur the next time you submit similar data.

Work is more productive with Procys. Save up to 70% of the time spent processing invoices. Procys will allow you to complete the process in just 2 minutes.

Reduce manual work by processing any invoice, 6 times faster than manually. Procys extracts the data from your invoice in less than 30 seconds.

No more mistakes with Procys, thanks to our self-learning engine, an error will not be repeated- With Procys you will say goodbye to invoices with incorrect information.

Your invoices in one place. We are committed to complying with the strictest security and auditability standards to guarantee the protection of your data.


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