Synchronize with your ERP

Add all the integrations of Procys to improve the accounting and management of your business.

By forwarding the file via email, a Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox folder on your desktop, uploading it to the Procys platform or from an API call integrated with your system.

Save and validate your invoices automatically. Notify customers of new invoices on the Procys platform or by email.

Automate the data extracted from each invoice and export it directly to your accounting system.

Synchronize your imported and processed invoices to the ERP. In this way you optimize your business invoices while controlling the workflow of your company.


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Process invoices quickly

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Plan Microsoft

business resources.

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Maintain multiple financial accounts, add accounts and users.

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Optimized daily monitoring of your company’s accounting.

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Share web applications and automate workflows.

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Manage SMEs through

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