Automated invoice processing

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We help finance teams save time and money by fully automating their invoice data entry, using cutting-edge machine learning.

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A self-learning engine

Our invoice processing engine can learn from its mistakes and ensures that any error will not occur the next time you send in comparable data.

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Outpacing human beings – while you do other things

Our engine will process any invoice up to 6X faster than any person can, with results given back to you in under 30 seconds per invoice.

More accurate than manual data entry

Unlike manual data entry, the same (corrected) mistake is not made twice. Mouse slips and typos in your payment data hence are a thing of the past.

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Core features

Digitise invoices from any image or PDF

You can upload through the Procys app dashboard or automatically have invoices uploaded by email forwarding. We can deliver you invoice headers as well as invoice lines.

Automatically save and archive your invoice data

Your invoices are automatically digitised and stored safely for future use. You can search through all invoices by typing in any data element.

Export to UBL and upload to your bookkeeping system

UBL is accepted by almost all bookkeeping systems in the world, also smaller ones. Just export, upload and book the payment. We’re also fully integrated in Microsoft Business Central

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