AI-AutoSplit by Procys

We are thrilled to introduce AI-AutoSplit, an innovative feature designed to revolutionize how you handle PDF documents. This highly anticipated functionality is now available, providing automatic document splitting through intelligent cuts.

Imagine dealing with a PDF containing multiple invoices, each spanning different pages. Procys seamlessly identifies the start and end of each document, intelligently loading them as separate and independent files, ensuring precise accounting.

Even in the event of an error during the splitting process, Procys allows you to correct it easily from the interface. This ensures that your documents are consistently accurate, eliminating the risk of recurring errors. AI-AutoSplit is currently in beta, and your contributions through corrections in the interface will play a crucial role in enhancing its training.

Make the most of document splitting with Procys:

  1. Log In: Access your Procys account from the dashboard. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up to enjoy all the advanced features.
  2. Upload the PDF Document: Click on ‘Upload Documents’ and select the PDF file you want to split. If the PDF contains multiple pages, our system will offer you the splitting option before the review.
  3. Customize the Splitting: Choose between AI Splitting, Custom Ranges, and Fixed Ranges. Confirm your choice and let Procys automatically process the document in seconds.

This innovative feature not only optimizes your daily workflow but also significantly enhances overall productivity. Revolutionize your experience with Procys, sign up now, and discover the potential of AI-AutoSplit – all for free!

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