Within the fashion sector, logistics companies face the challenge of handling large volumes of documents, such as purchase orders, receipts and invoices. Manually managing these documents can be a tedious, possibly error-prone, and time-consuming process. It requires considerable effort to classify, record and store these documents, this delays, as well as produce errors in the productivity of the company. That is why many companies are turning to automatic document processing to improve their workflow.

Procys is a solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows the automation of the capture, extraction and management of data from administrative documents. With its advanced technology, Procys can quickly digitize and process purchase orders, receipts and invoices, significantly improving operational efficiency and productivity in fashion logistics companies.

One of the biggest benefits of automatic document processing is the improvement in accuracy and efficiency. Thanks to OCR technology and our self-learning engine, it allows us to automatically extract key data from documents, such as order number, date, price and product details.

This precision in data extraction reduces human errors and speeds up the document review and verification process. Logistics companies can trust the accuracy of the data extracted by Procys, allowing them to make informed decisions and generate accurate financial reports.

Efficient organization and storage also improve document security. With the automatic processing of purchase orders, receipts and invoices, the risks associated with the loss or physical damage of documents are reduced. In addition, Procys offers advanced security options with the ISO 27001 certification, which means that our company has demonstrated a high level of security in information management.

By automating the data capture and extraction process, Procys eliminates the need to manually enter information into systems. This considerably reduces the time spent on manual document management and allows employees to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks for the company.

In terms of costs, automatic document processing with Procys helps reduce expenses associated with physical storage, paper, and office supplies. By eliminating the need for printing and physical filing, companies can save on stationery costs, equipment maintenance, and storage space. In addition, the improved accuracy in data extraction and the reduction of human errors also prevent financial losses and additional costs associated with billing errors or payment processing delays.

In the fashion sector, the customer experience is a key factor for the success of a company. Automatic processing of all types of documents with Procys contributes to improving the customer experience in several ways. Make the change right now, trust the power of artificial intelligence!

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