In today’s world, data management has become an essential component of business operations. Documents come in various forms, from PDF files to scanned images, and converting them into useful, editable formats can be a challenge. This is where AI-powered OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology comes into play, and Procys is leading the way:

PDF to Excel

Converting PDF to Excel is one of the most common and critical tasks in data management. Financial reports and important tables are often stored in PDF files. Thanks to AI-powered OCR, you can now convert this data directly into Excel spreadsheets. This not only saves time but also prevents manual data entry errors.


The CSV format is widely used for data import and export between systems. With Procys technology, converting PDF to CSV becomes straightforward. You can take data from your PDF documents and convert it into a format that can be seamlessly used in databases and applications.


JSON is a common format for data exchange between web applications. With Procys PDF to JSON conversion functionality, you can extract data from PDF files and convert it into a format that web applications can understand and process. This simplifies data integration and digital workflow.


XML format is widely used for representing structured data. Procys AI-powered OCR allows you to convert PDF documents into XML format. This is essential for workflow automation and managing complex data.

PDF to Text

Converting PDF to text is useful when you need to access textual content without the original document’s formatting. Procys technology facilitates accurate PDF to text conversion, which is valuable for straightforward text-based searches and edits.

PDF OCR (Optical Character Recognition for PDF)

OCR for PDF is essential when dealing with scanned documents or images containing text. With Procys AI-powered OCR, you can easily convert these elements into editable text. This is crucial to make the information fully accessible and editable.

Image to Excel

Converting images to Excel is essential for businesses dealing with tabular data and scanned documents. Procys technology allows you to convert images into Excel spreadsheets, making data manipulation and analysis more manageable.

With the power of artificial intelligence, Procys OCR is revolutionizing how businesses manage their documents. Document conversion is simpler and more efficient than ever, with automation ensuring accuracy and speed. Say goodbye to manual data entry and costly errors. Embrace the future of document management with Procys and its AI-powered OCR. Simplify your workflows and save valuable time and resources. It’s time to take your operations to the next level. Become a leader in digital transformation today with Procys!

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