The workflow of a notary’s office focuses on precision, security and efficiency, fundamental tools for good management of administrative documents. In this article, we will explore the importance of automatic processing of all types of documents in notaries

In notary offices, manual document management can be a complex, repetitive and tedious process. The need to properly record, classify, and store these documents can delay decision-making, lead to inefficiencies, and negatively affect the notary’s overall productivity.

Not to mention the precision and security in the management of notarial documents. The information contained in the documents, the majority of which is private, must be treated with the utmost care since the loss or unauthorized access to these documents can have serious consequences for the notary and its clients.

Automatic processing presents a simple solution for the administrative management of your business. And this is where Procys comes in, a solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows the automation of the capture, extraction and management of data from administrative documents. With its advanced technology, Procys can quickly digitize and process all types of documents from wills, policies and more personalized documents, significantly improving operational efficiency and productivity in notaries.

One of the biggest benefits of automatic document processing is the improvement in accuracy and efficiency. Using AI-powered OCR technology and an automatic self-learning engine, Procys can automatically extract key data from documents in three easy steps: understand, interpret and share. These steps allow efficient management and reduce errors. It understands and loads documents from various sources, automatically interprets and extracts relevant data, and shares data in structured formats. Procys provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for document processing in a notary.

In addition, the digitization of documents allows for to reduction of the risk of loss or physical misplacement of the same. We understand that security and confidentiality are fundamental aspects within this sector, due to the large number of private documents. For this reason, we are happy to announce that Procys has obtained the ISO 27001 certification, which means that our company has demonstrated a high level of security in information management. With this certificate, our clients can be sure that their data is effectively protected against possible threats.

However, it not only improves accuracy and security but also saves notaries significant time and resources. The time spent on manual document management is drastically reduced. They will no longer have to manually enter the information from the documents since Procys takes care of the automatic extraction of the relevant data. This allows the business to simplify the administrative process a lot. What are you waiting for to take the leap? Do it today with Procys!

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