Automatic Document Processing: Improving Efficiency in Real Estate Agency companies with Procys

Procys leverages AI to revolutionize real estate document management, enhancing precision, efficiency, and customer relations for agencies.

Automatic Document Processing: Improving Efficiency in Real Estate Agency companies with Procys

Artificial Intelligence in the real estate sales and purchasing market is very important and plays a vital role in every business, enabling increased profits without risking any initial capital. Real estate agencies deal with hundreds of documents daily, such as simple notaries, invoices, property records, among many others, which can be a tedious and slow task.

On the other hand, AI is capable of processing and analyzing large volumes of data quickly and efficiently, allowing for optimization and streamlining of real estate processes, improving the customer experience, and making more informed decisions.

What does Procys offer and how can it help you?

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, Procys is meeting your needs. In this case, it can help you manage different documents such as sales, various municipal documents, customer relationships, customer contracts, and countless other tasks to assist you on a daily basis.

How does document extraction work in Procys?

1. Extract: In the first step, the document image is captured using a camera or scanner. The artificial intelligence system is capable of capturing high-quality images even if the document is damaged or deteriorated.

2. Understand: Once the image is captured, the AI software begins to analyze it. Using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) techniques, the software can interpret the information from the documents, including the customer's name, date, invoice number, services provided, and other important details.

3. Export: Once the document information has been interpreted, it can be extracted and processed for later use. The information can be directly sent to the real estate agency's database or integrated with other business applications and platforms. This allows real estate agencies to keep more accurate records and manage their document management processes more efficiently.

Managing documents in this way will make your real estate agency much more precise when AI does it for you, avoiding errors and saving a significant amount of time for each task. Additionally, we ensure security through our security protocol. Procys is certified ISO 27001, which guarantees that we have implemented an information security management system that complies with international standards. This means that we have implemented security measures to protect the information we manage, whether it's our own information or that of our clients.

Moreover, you can automate processes and improve customer relationships by, for example, sending personalized emails to keep them informed in real-time about the real estate market, enhancing their security.