The importance of AI in the Beauty and Cosmetics Sector

Transforms advertising sector efficiency by automating invoice creation, contract generation, and client communication, optimizing workflows, and reducing errors.

The importance of AI in the Beauty and Cosmetics Sector

Automatic document processing using AI technology is a powerful tool that can bring great benefits to the business sector. In the case of the advertising sector, where efficient information management is essential, adopting a solution like Procys can make a difference.

Using AI, ad agencies can streamline the creation of invoices for their clients, generate vendor contracts, and automate the sending of informational emails to clients. These administrative tasks are essential to the daily operation of agencies, and AI can perform them efficiently and accurately.

How does extracting invoices and estimates work in Procys?

  1. Extract: In the first step, documents are imaged using a camera or scanner. The artificial intelligence system is capable of capturing high-quality images even if the document is damaged or deteriorated.
  2. Understand: Once the image has been captured, the artificial intelligence software begins to analyze it. Using advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques, the software is capable of interpreting document information, including customer name, date, invoice number, services provided, and other important details.
  3. Export: Once the information in the documents has been interpreted, it can be extracted and processed for further use. The information can be sent directly to the law firm's database or integrated with other business applications and platforms. This allows law firms to more accurately track their records and more efficiently manage their document management processes.

Invoices, within a cosmetics store, are made daily to customers, just like supplier contracts, it is a tedious and cumbersome process.

With Procys, you will save time and money, maximizing the potential of your business.

The implementation of Procys in the advertising sector brings numerous benefits. First, it saves time and money by automating tedious administrative tasks, allowing busy professionals to focus on more strategic aspects of their work. In addition, it improves the agency's overall productivity by streamlining internal processes and reducing errors. Having a structured and accessible database makes it easy to find and retrieve key information, which is especially valuable for data analysis and reporting.

In addition, Procys provides customization options to suit the specific needs of each advertising agency. The software can be configured based on agency workflows, present rules and criteria for document classification, and add custom fields as needed.

The implementation of Procys in the advertising sector offers a series of significant benefits. From streamlining administrative tasks and reducing errors to improving collaboration with clients and suppliers, centralizing information and customizing workflows, Procys becomes a strategic ally for advertising agencies. AI facilitates efficient document management, improving operational efficiency and enabling a more strategic approach to developing and executing advertising campaigns.