Getting started

Getting started

Start using Procys in just 5 minutes, setting up your account, upload a document, validate and export.

Document Duplicate Alert

Procys streamlines document duplication detection, simplifying workflow. Effortless upload, easy management, expert support.

Optimize Your Document Exports with Procys: Discover What Data it Extracts and Exports to All Formats

Enhance document exports with Procys. Explore extracted data fields from invoices or purchase orders.

How to get Procys API 2.0 key?

Today, we'll guide you through the process of registering and obtaining the Procys API 2.0 key.

Connect Your Apps to Procys

Discover how to integrate your favorite applications to customize efficient workflows.

How to Email Receiver in Procys?

This app allows you to send invoices from your inbox directly to Procys. Send your documents to Procys “Forwarding email” automatically.

How to Upload a List of Suppliers in Procys?

Follow these simple steps to upload a list of suppliers in Procys.

Discover the Different Statues of Procys

The Procys application offers a variety of states to efficiently manage your documents. Here's a detailed tutorial on each of them:

Connect Your Apps to Procys

Discover how to integrate your favorite applications to customize efficient workflows.

How to Annotate Documents in Procys?

With simple steps, you can annotate the data from your extracted and processed documents.

Split PDF Documents

In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step through the process of splitting pages using the advanced features of the Procys platform.

How can I correct Data in the Headers?

Here is a way you can work with data in your headers to make it accurate. Effortlessly annotate and modify document data with precision.

How can I create a New Supplier?

Create new suppliers seamlessly from "Dimensions" or during document editing.

How can I correct Data in the Lines?

In this guide, we show you how to work with corrections in lines.

How does the approval flow work in Procys?

We explain step by step how to approve an invoice processed by AI.

How to Sign Up in Procys?

We explain in simple steps how to start working with Procys from the main page. It takes no more than three minutes to sign up!

How can I Upload a Document?

Procys allows you to upload your documents directly to our platform, by forwarding your documents via email or using a Cloud Storage solution.

How can I Upgrade and/or Downgrade my Plan?

Here is the summary of how you can change your subscription plan in Procys

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